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Acoustic panel collection by Pócs Judit Studio x Multifelt Factory

Introducing our latest project with the Hungarian design LAB program curated by design luminary Rossana Orlandi.  Launched in April 2023, this exciting initiative by HFDA has brought together five dynamic manufacturer-designer pairs to create innovative products of international caliber.


Pócs Judit Studio and our factory  have crafted the mesmerizing "Silent Stones"' product family.

Inspired by sea-polished stones, these felt-covered acoustic panels seamlessly blend tradition, functionality, and artistic flair.

Photo credit : @HFDA Agency, Kata Balogh, Tamás Kovács

Meet the designer

PJ_studio base.png

Pócs Judit Studio is the workshop of the artist couple

Judit Tóth-Pócs and Roland Tóth-Pócs.

Judit is a felt artist, Roland deals with 3D animation. While Judit takes care of the designing and execution tasks, Roland does the entire technical background work, such as photography, 3D visual design and film production, during each project.

About Judit

I am Judit Tóth-Pócs, fiber artist and art teacher.
I use my maiden name, Judit Pócs, as my artist name. I live and work in Kecskemét with my family. I have been involved in felting since 1992. From jewelry design to clothing, spatial sculptures, spatial to wall textiles, I deal with several areas of textile production. From the very beginning, my work has been characterized by experimentation, the focus of which is the spatial development of the felt. I also owe my international success to this. I regularly teach at both foreign and Hungarian symposia and forums, as well as in my own atelie.

About Roland

I am the leader of the 3D workshop of Kecskemétfilm Kft.

In addition to my many animated films, in recent years I have been working as a director of episodes of the cartoon series Gypsy Tales. I am the photographer, 3D visual designer and film maker of Pócs Judit Studio. Since the beginning of the pandemic, we have been regularly holding international online courses in English and making educational videos on various topics of felting.

Behind the scenes

Behind every Silent Stones panel lies a story of dedication, innovation, and a passion for creating spaces that inspire. With videos capturing different stages of the production process, we invite you to witness the artistry and craftsmanship that define Silent Stones by Pócs Judit Studio, exclusively at Multifelt Factory.

Our journey begins amidst the rhythmic hum of machinery and the skilled hands of the designer, meticulously crafting each panel with precision and care.

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