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  • Content: 100% wool

  • Thickness: 3-30 mm

  • Density: 0.36 – 0.4 g/cm3

The MERINO felt is made from 100% Hungarian, colored wool. It is perfect as pad, vibration dampening, transport line of ultra-high-temperature products, by-products, seats and body insulation in automotive industry. Fireproof.

Because of MERINO natural, rustic texture is is also applicable for design purposes, even in painted form.


  • Content: 100% wool

  • Density: 0,16-0,18 g/cm3. 


Soft, loose texture, but durable. Excellent absorbency.  Can also be used e.g. as a tablecloth, for covering yurts.


  • ​Content: 100% wool

  • Density: 0,27-0,3g/cm3

We produce a sophisticated wool felt for under saddles in a thickness of 14 mm, which can be dyed on request. This felt contains a mixture of black and grey sheep's wool, with a very interesting texture, a real natural material.


All our felts can be provided with: self-adhesive coating, additional refractory treatment, impregnation, and can be die-cut to any shape.

We can provide the right composition and density for each application, helping you to find the right felt from prototyping to series production.

Contact us with your individual ideas!

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